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Maria O‘Hara hails from Baden-Württemberg and currently lives in Switzerland. As a child, she loved everything to do with stories, essays, and books, and at the age of seventeen, discovered her passion for writing through Fanfiction. It allowed her to let off steam, learn, and rediscover herself. In 2015, Maria published one of her partner projects (The Plaza Manhattan), and since then, she has released a few more books in the romance-drama genre to the market. Nowadays, Maria publishes most of her books with Don Both, exclusively in the dark romance genre. Most of her works revolve around the mafia, betrayal, love, family, hate, friendship, and many everyday things that are summed up in an exciting universe. Their joint Mafia romance series with Don Both (Obsessed-XX) are all Amazon bestsellers. She writes with heart, usually 16-18 hours a day, sometimes when it is particularly thrilling, she writes one book a week, which is then painstakingly perfected over months before it is released. Maria loves her work, where she can immerse herself in those worlds, and she loves to peer behind the facades of her protagonists. Writing is her passion and she wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world. Don Both and Maria O’Hara feel their books, every storyline, are well thought out, and every page written with absolute dedication and attention to detail, which is why every single sentence gets under your skin. If you like intense, dark, and exciting, this is the place to be. Have fun reading and discover a completely new universe and reading experience!

Keaton Rush 


You don’t see me, but I see you.
I always see you.
I’m always there — no matter what you do.
No matter if you’re a lovely mother during the day or a debauched whore at night.
I see you reading to your child or wrapping your legs around a pole.
I see you rubbing your petite body against other men and serving guests in your chaste uniform.
I know who you are, and who you would like to be.
I know what you need and you will get it.
Then you will be mine.



You are a lost girl who has fallen into the abyss.
Maybe I pushed you. Maybe I just found you down there.
I’m not here to pull you out, Emilia.
I’m here to catch you should you ever want to escape.
You seem attracted to darkness.


I am darkness, Baby. Run!

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